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Man doing core exercise with medicine ball for golf

The core is the powerhouse that transfers the force from your lower body into your arms.

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About the program

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Every inch of the torso rotation is controlled by your core muscles. Make sure you train them the right way!

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The Benefits

Longer drive

The core muscles transfer the energy from the lower body plus add their own power. This can really add yards to your drive!

Improve your sequencing

A strong core allows you to get a better swing sequence, starting with the the legs, coming up through the torso and finally into the arms and releasing through the wrists.

Protect your spine

The core muscles surround your spine and can therefore help protect it both when hinged forwards in the address and when decelerating during the follow through.

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designed by ben blake davies
tpi certified golf fitness trainer and dns rehab coach

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36 workouts

We've set 3 core workouts for you per week. Each week they get progressively harder, increasing the intensity of the exercises and moving you on to harder exercises as you become more advanced.

over 35 exercises with demo and explainer videos

Each exercise includes a demo video and a complete explainer video to help you get the technique right.

access anytime via mobile app

You can access it all directly through our Apple or Android apps or on any internet enabled device.



That's only £3.25 a week!

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What equipment do I need?

We've tried to minimise the equipment you need so that this program can be done from home. But to get the most out of it you can view our list of recommended equipment for home training.

What fitness level is this program aimed at?

The program begins with a focus on the stability of your core, which means it is safe for beginners but also still very important for those who are more experienced in the gym.

I've had back issues, can i still do this program?

All the exercises are designed to strengthen your core muscles that protect your spine, but we recommend speaking to a medical professional before starting if you are concerned about a current or previous injury.

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"Ben gave me early access to this program to test run it and I couldn't be more impressed. Core feels rock solid! Can't wait to be hitting bombs on the golf course once lockdown is over!"

Simon Graves - Sussex, UK

"I've had a bad back for as long as i can remember and it often flares up after playing golf. My chiro recommended strengthening my core and suggested using the front nine fitness core programme. 4 weeks in and i'm already noticing my back feels stronger."

roger f. - london, UK

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