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If you can't physically get into the positions you need to, it becomes a lot harder to improve your swing.

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One of the key differences between amateur golfers and the tour pros is mobility.

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The Benefits

Increase club head speed

Improve your range of motion through your backswing to increase your potential for acceleration on the downswing.

Improve your swing consistency

Increase the range of motion at the joints that should be moving, allowing you to keep the rest of your body stable.

Reduce Injury Risk

By increasing your overall range of motion, you avoid forcing your body into tight positions during the golf swing.

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designed by ben blake davies
tpi certified golf fitness trainer and dns rehab coach

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Daily Mobility Workout

Every day you'll be given a mobility routine focusing on the key areas from upper back and hip rotation to shoulder and wrist flexibility.

over 25 exercises with demo and explainer videos

Each exercise includes a demo video and a complete explainer video to help you get the technique right.

access anytime via mobile app

You can access it all directly through our Apple or Android apps or on any internet enabled device.

Progressive Program

Each week the program updates to make sure you are progressing and to keep things interesting.



That's only £3.25 a week!

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Do i need any equipment?

We've created this program so that it uses almost no equipment and can be done at home. Further into the program there are 3 exercises that use a resistance band, a swiss ball and light dumbbells (Amazon affiliate links). If you don't already own these, then the resistance band would be our main recommendation. You can probably improvise for the other 2 (especially with dumbbells being overpriced at the moment).

How does this compare to yoga or other flexibility programs?

There are a lot of different ways to improve your mobility. The difference with our golf mobility program is that it is designed specifically to increase the flexibility you need in golf. So we won't waste your time with stretches that aren't relevant.

How long will it take to see improvements?

Stretching and mobilising is about little and often. That's why each week we get you to repeat the same routine of stretches every day, then we change the routine. You should start noticing the benefits from the end of week 1 and by the end of week 12 you should notice a big difference. But you have to stick to the program!

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"I was keen to take up golf again but have a history of back problems which has made it hard to get any momentum. I wanted something that could help manage this and allow me to play more often. I'm 4 weeks in and already have less niggles in my back and more range in my swing"

Jonathan goodridge - london, UK

"I've always been inflexible and had a really short backswing. The pro at my club recommended using this programme during lockdown. I've just completed the last session and can honestly say it's made a huge difference."

james eldon - chelmsford, UK

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