What equipment do i need to do the golf core strength program at home?

We wanted to create a golf core strength program that could be done at the gym but also be done at home. With this in mind a lot of the exercises require nothing more that your own body. There are certain exercises though that some equipment allows you to get more out of them. Where possible we try and suggest alternatives such as using water bottles in place of dumbbells, or a football (soccer ball for those of you in the USA) in place of a medicine ball.

If you really want to get the most out of the program while training at home, here is the bits of kit we recommend, starting with the ones you'll use more often to those you'll use least often.

Some of the products we link to may contain affiliate links. This means we might get paid a small amount for recommending them, but we only recommend products that we have used personally.

Medicine Ball - Amazon Basic

We use medicine balls for a lot of our exercises. Unless you're throwing it you can probably swap it out for anything weighing around 1-5kg. It's not a bad investment to pick up a medicine ball though. If you aim for one that is 5% of your bodyweight you'll probably find you get the most out of it. This one from Amazon basics range is fairly cheap so won't break the bank. We usually use Dynamax balls as they are soft and very durable but they cost 3-4x the price of these ones. These ones are solid so be careful slamming them or throwing it to a partner.

Exercise Mat - Proworks

A good exercise mat is a very versatile tool! It is perfect to avoid lying on uncomfortable hard wooden floors or geting friction burns when exercising on the carpet. This mat from proworks is quite padded, so perfect for wooden floors. It also comes in a bunch of colours so you can even get one to match your home decor and workout in style.

Resistance Bands - Fit Beast

Resistance bands replace cable for various resistance exercises. We use these for a couple of exercises later in the core program, but they are also just a great tool to have for fitness at home. These ones by Fit Beast, despite the cliche name are a great buy. We have tried and tested these at home (you'll even see we use these exact ones in a couple of videos) and have also recommended them to many clients. The price seems to fluctuate regularly so keep an eye out for when they are around £20-25.

Glute Bands - ELVIRE

Glute bands are used for 2 of the exercises later in the program. They are a pretty low-cost and worthwhile bit of equipment to invest in. They help to improve your lateral hip stability, really important for power generation and preventing sliding and swaying. The ELVIRE bands are cheap and come in a 3 pack with different resistances, so you can upgrade as you get stronger.

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