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A great golf fitness program can really help to separate the pros from the amateurs.

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The Benefits

work on golf-specific fitness

Generic gym routines and stretching won't necessarily help your golf performance and can even hinder it. Our golf-specific programs are packed full of exercises for golfers to develop your performance on the course.

train anytime, anywhere with our mobile app

Access our workouts via our apps for both Apple and Android or through any internet enabled device.

No more guesswork

Stop scouring the internet for the right golf fitness program. Everything is laid out for you. Your daily routine is sent directly to your phone so you know exactly what you should be doing at every stage.

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designed by ben blake davies
tpi certified golf fitness trainer and dns rehab coach

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The programs

12-week golf mobility program

Golf mobility program

Improve your flexibility in all the key areas needed to achieve a golf swing like the pros.

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12-week golf core strength program

Golf core strength program

Build your core strength and stability to increase your golf performance.

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12-week golf strength program - Level 1

golf strength program level 1

Build well-rounded, golf-specific strength without sacrificing your flexibility.

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free 7-day golf fitness kickstart program

Golf fitness kickstart program on 3 devices

Get your golf fitness journey started with our free 7 day program covering Mobility, Strength and Core Strength.

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"Ben gave me early access to this program to test run it and I couldn't be more impressed. Core feels rock solid! Can't wait to be hitting bombs on the golf course once lockdown is over!"

Simon Graves - Sussex, UK

"I've had a bad back for as long as i can remember and it often flares up after playing golf. My chiro recommended strengthening my core and suggested using the front nine fitness core programme. 4 weeks in and i'm already noticing my back feels stronger."

roger f. - london, UK

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