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Golf Fitness kickstart program on phone, tablet and laptop

All pro golfers work on their fitness. Now you can too with our simple online programs.


About the program

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Golf requires a mix of strength, mobility and core strength.

Start improving all 3 today

The Benefits


Golf requires strength from the feet to the hands. All our strength exercises are designed to help you generate more power with the lower and upper body to allow you to swing the club faster.

Better mobility

The greater your range of motion, the more time you have to accelerate and decelerate the club. This allows for faster swing speed with less effort. It also helps to protect the body from injury. By building more flexibility you avoid forcing the body into tight positions at high speeds during the swing.

Better core strength

The core has a few key jobs in relation to golf. It transfers the power from the legs up into the arms; it creates it's own rotational power; and It protects the spine. So, whether you are looking to improve your athleticism or your longevity, a strong core is a crucial component.

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designed by ben blake davies
tpi certified golf fitness trainer and dns rehab coach

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7 workouts

Every day you'll be given a routine combining mobility with either core strength and balance or full body strength.

19 exercises with demo and explainer videos

Each exercise includes a demo video and a complete explainer video to help you get the technique right. Everything is laid out for you including how long to hold each stretch and the number of sets and repetitions for the strength exercises.

access anytime via mobile app

You can access it all directly through our Apple or Android apps or on any internet enabled device.



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Do I need to do this program at the gym?

For the strength exercises, some minimal equipment is needed. If you aren't using a gym, we recommend getting some resistance bands with handles. Adjustable/loadable dumbbells are also a good investment that will allow you to scale exercises.

What fitness level is this program aimed at?

We've made the program simple enough to follow that someone with little to no gym experience should be able to use it. If you are feeling fatigued you can add some rest days to allow for longer recovery.

I've had previous injuries, can i still do this program?

We recommend speaking to a medical professional before starting if you are concerned about a current or previous injury.

What is the best program to do after this?

Once you complete your 7 days kickstart program, you should have a good idea of the areas of your fitness that need the most work. If you feel your flexibility is letting you down, then the Golf Mobility Program is a good choice. If you feel your core is weak the the Golf Core Strength program would be ideal. If your upper and lower body strength is lacking then the Golf Strength Level 1 would be a good option.

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golf club faqs about golf core strength program

"I'm not a regular gym user so was a bit worried it would be too much for me. I watch the videos on my phone each time and it's massively built my confidence with the exercises. Already feeling stronger in my legs when i'm playing golf."

Sarah F - Surrey, UK

"I'm only 5 weeks in but I've already had my playing partner ask me "what have you been taking?!" because i started outdriving him for the first time in years. I was tempted not to tell him about this programme!"

James R. - Norwich, UK

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