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Swinging a golf club at 100mph+ requires a high level of strength throughout your entire body.

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The golf swing gets muscles firing from your feet to your hands. Learn how to make them all stronger!

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The Benefits

Longer drive

Improving your strength allows you to swing the club faster without feeling like you are trying harder. Faster club head speed, while maintaining good technique, will lead to better distance off the tee.

Improve consistency

In golf you need to have the strength to control the rotation of the club and the centrifugal forces that come with it. If you are lacking strength, these forces can pull you in all directions meaning you may often end up not hitting the ball flush. Being stronger allows you to remain more stable throughout the swing.

Protect your body

Studies have shown that up to 40.9%¹ of amateur golfers get injured every year. We can't guarantee that you won't, but strengthening the muscles that absorb the forces of the golf swing helps to protect your joints.

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designed by ben blake davies
tpi certified golf fitness trainer and dns rehab coach

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24 workouts

We've created 2 workouts for you per week. That should be a very manageable workload while still getting you stronger! Each week they get progressively harder; increasing the weights, reps and sets of the exercises and moving you on to harder exercises as you become stronger and better coordinated.

over 25 exercises with demo and explainer videos

These exercises have all been specifically chosen to develop different areas of strength related to the golf swing. Each exercise includes a demo video and a complete explainer video to help you get the technique right.

access anytime via mobile app

You can access it all directly through our Apple or Android apps or on any internet enabled device.



That's only £3.25 a week!

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Do I need to do this program at the gym?

To get the most out of this program, it should be done in a gym equipped with dumbbells, cables and steps. If you are unable to go to a gym, it is possible to replicate a lot at home with dumbbells and resistance bands.

What fitness level is this program aimed at?

We've made the program simple enough to follow that someone with little to no gym experience should be able to use it. More gym savvy golfers will still find this very beneficial as the exercises we've used aren't just your typical bench press and squats.

I've had back issues, can i still do this program?

This program aims to build up your strength in a steady way but we recommend speaking to a medical professional before starting if you are concerned about a current or previous injury. We'd also recommend checking out our golf core strength program which would be a good precursor to this.

Can I do this at the same time as the mobility and core programs?

This all depends on your level of experience and how much time you have available each week. The mobility program has something to do every day, the core has three workouts per week and this has two. Combining two of them can work well but only combine all three if you are confident you'll be able to put the work in. You don't just get stronger by purchasing them!

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golf club faqs about golf core strength program

"I'm not a regular gym user so was a bit worried it would be too much for me. I watch the videos on my phone each time and it's massively built my confidence with the exercises. Already feeling stronger in my legs when i'm playing golf."

Sarah F - Surrey, UK

"I'm only 5 weeks in but I've already had my playing partner ask me "what have you been taking?!" because i started outdriving him for the first time in years. I was tempted not to tell him about this programme!"

James R. - Norwich, UK

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