Golf Rehabilitation Personal Training

If you've had an injury, surgery or are struggling with various aches and niggles, then golf rehabilitation personal training could be just what you need. This doesn't replace seeing your doctor or manual therapist and it is important if you have an undiagnosed injury to consult a medical professional. Ben works alongside many physiotherapists, chiropractors, and osteopaths to get clients back up to full fitness.

Ben has helped clients get back to playing sports after having a wide array of issues including: lower back and neck disc herniation/extrusion/surgery, hip resurfacing operation, meniscus (knee cartilage) tear, muscle tears, ligament rupture, golfers/tennis elbow and a variety of sedentary work related aches and dysfunction.

Ben is qualified Dynamic Neuromuscular Exercise (DNS) trainer and National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) Corrective Exercise Specialist.

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“The combination of improved technique and better fitness for golf with Blake and Brad is certainly working and it has also helped with my dodgy back by building core strength as well. I do think that the combined fitness and better technique through lessons, can benefit not just the seniors, but almost anyone.”

David Pitts

"Ben designed a training programme that has improved my upper body strength. Better technique and muscle-specific exercises also helped me to overcome what was a long-term knee problem. Ben’s patience and dedication is second to none: I am not a natural athlete, but he finds a way of enabling me to learn at my own pace – pushing me when I need it and modifying something when it is too much."

Holly F.

"I have been sending my patients to train with Ben for almost 5 years. I have passed him patients with a variety of issues from hip replacements to lumbar disc extrusions and am always happy with the outcomes. If you are looking for an exceptional rehabilitative personal trainer either for yourself or to send your patients to; Ben is your man!"

Dr Robert Griffiths (Chiropractor)

"I had a discectomy on my lower back and a shoulder RSI condition, and recovery was slow, so my physio recommended sessions with Ben. I feel much, much stronger.  It boosts your confidence knowing someone has your back (no pun intended). I delayed seeing Ben, partly for money reasons but largely through fear - I didn't feel ready. My advice: please don't wait. It is the best money I have spent."

Tim B.

"As a physio, I work with personal trainers closely. Ben is always reliable and hugely experienced. His understanding of functionality of human body is admirable. His special interest in DNS makes Ben one of the few trainers in the world licensed with this highly effective technique, and that is one of the many reasons I referred a large amount of my patients to him."

Dominika Bezakova – Physio

"I started training with Ben for rehab after one of several hip operations. Apart from helping me maintain my sanity in the City and helping me recover from 3 different surgical procedures, Ben has kept me on the straight and narrow: visceral fat down, lean muscle up – what’s not to like?! If you are on the fence about starting training, just do it!"

Rob PAge

"I sent one of my patients who suffered from a complicated herniated disc process to see Ben. He perfectly tailored the sessions to meet their specific rehab needs and the outcome was remarkable. From then on, I knew I could trust him. Every patient I have sent to train with him has come back happy as they find that every session is run in a relaxed yet supportive environment."

Sara Ayala - Physio

"Ben is the first trainer I think of to refer my recovering patients and athletes to. I need to know that they will be well looked after and given effective exercises to get them back to full fitness. I know that I can work closely with him and he will implement my recommendations in his sessions. I recently sent him a patient with a disc protrusion who has made remarkable progress and is back playing golf."

Dr Nick Tzanos (Chiropractor)

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